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Some of the brands mentioned in our site are sponsors. Others are introduced using the 4S branding method and have embedded video that, when selected, pauses the episode and takes the viewer to the "cued up" product video that features it. In these embeds the viewer is invited to "opt into" the brand by clicking on an embedded video within the episode.


What is 4S branding?
Showing the brand in action is a simple principle known as "the power of suggestion". How  many times have you sat in a restaurant and as you were considering what to order you made your menu choice based on one of the four following suggestions?

1. A friend "suggested" something to try.

2. The server made a recommendation that "sounded" good.
3. You "saw" a savory dish being served to a nearby table.
4. You heard the "sizzle" of a hot skillet passing by your table.


Suggested, Sounded, Saw, Sizzle- This is what we do at C.E. Brandcast and this is our preferred method of branding and marketing because it works. "Sponsored by" works too, but implies a more mutual recommendation to both the brand and the program it is sponsoring.


Branded entertainment is simply the power of suggestions intertwined and safely introduced within the video episode that people are enjoying. This is more intrinsic than a commercial break because there is no break.


Better Rule #1
It is FAR BETTER to suggest the brand within the action of the episode  than to take a break which associates the brand to an interruption.


Better Rule #2
Inviting someone to interact with your "brand mention" is FAR BETTER than forcing someone to watch an ad they are automatically waiting to SKIP.


The presence of a brand within the "safe zone" or "sacred zone" is viewed not as a forced ad, but a suggestion, an endorsement. The product is endorsed by its mere mention without the interruption break. Viewers are savvy and although they know this is a form of advertising it is less likely to be turned off or skipped as it is integrated into the program they are enjoying. This is a softer approach and your brand is more likely to have more viewing time and more impact than a forced ad or commercial break.


The "C" in C.E. Brandcast is Chris Doering who co-founded the company in 2006 with his wife Edith.

A good old fashioned husband and wife venture.


The "E" in C.E. Brandcast is Edith Doering who co-founded the company in 2006 with her husband Chris.


The origins
Doering Multimedia Productions 1996


In the early 1990’s founder Chris Doering was a national marketing director for several Inc 500 companies for which he served as a seminar trainer where he taught marketing and branding to top level executives in two day seminars.


Mr. Doering developed unique marketing and advertising campaigns including “The Mystery Chef” and promoted over 50 different restaurant brands. His restaurant branding even contracted by cities to promote the regional restaurant sales.


C.E. Brandcast today has developed into a production company with a background in marketing and branding.



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