Intrinsic Brand Identity

Branding is the making a unique mark or memory point that separates, identifies and associates an experience with your particular product or service. Ultimately, it is to take on the identity of the actual item or service it performs.


You know a brand is successful when people use your brand name in place of the actual thing or action i.e. Someone says, "Let's use the Warn to get him out" instead of "Let's use the winch to get him out". Until you reach the  point where  your branding mission is not fully accomplished.


A branding strategy should include the goal of stealing the identity of that which your product or service performs. Bandaid actually is a bandage in the users mind. Q-tip actually is a cotton swab. To the user they are one is the same. FedEx actually is overnight delivery. Do you know what Jack Daniel's is? Of course you do. Even my question is not who but what. This would sound odd if I was really inquiring about a person and not referring to the popular brand of whiskey. Jack Daniel's was a person, but in the mind of the consumer Jack Daniel's has taken on the identity of whiskey. This is the goal of every worthy branding strategy.



Your identity in the mind of others
The form or impress of a brand.



The casting we're speaking of here is not the cast and crew in our episodes, neither is it the mere broadcasting of a message. If anything, broadcasting is an old term that is oxymoronic. There is nothing broad about products and services today. We are living in the day of narrow-casting, niche-casting. We are seeking the tribe that wants what you have.


What we're speaking of here is the casting of a brand. Brand casting is the actual process of forming a lasting mould or impression. Casting is achieved by either repetition or it can be achieved all at once by something indelible such as the events on 9/11. For us, the number 9/11 was cast that day by a very tragic series of events. You probably know where you were when 9/11 occurred. This is not the casting method use. We're not out to try and blast a brand into existence but by repetitive and unique association.


You don't remember a brand because you have a good memory. Actually most people have very short memories when it comes to new brands. You remember it because it has been cast as a mould and takes on a definite form in your mind's eye. It represents something subjective to you. It's doesn't even have to have a name that remotely resembles what you are branding. Google, as a word, has absolutely no connectivity to the fact that it is a Internet search engine. When someone says, "I Googled you" you know exactly what they did. This is an example of a brand that has a cast, a shape in the thoughts of a person, to the extend that Google was used as a verb. By adding the letter "d" Google is used as a past tense verb.


If you haven't already named your product we can help you with that, but if you have, let us cast your brand in ways that are memorable.

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