Current Project Series
Land Ops - 4x4 | HAM | NAV | SAR

This series follows the Land Ops ARC (amateur radio club). The videos series is a choreographed off road adventure with synchronized expedition style teamwork, radio communication technologies, navigation equipment and challenges


Episode 1 - "Desert Operations" 2016 compilation was released August 17, 2016
Episode 2 - "Off the Grid" coming October 8th, 2016
Episode 3 - "Mountain Ops" featuring night ops - coming November 16th, 2016

Episode 4 -  "F4 Crash Site" -  coming December 20th, 2016

Season 2
2017 Upcoming Project


Land Ops Episodes
Land Ops - 4x4 | HAM | NAV | SAR
To include several operations with GIJOE Search and Rescue Drills.

From practice drills to full deployment, this series will feature the mission behind the Joe Le Foundation and their volunteer operations known as "G.I. Joe Search and Rescue"

Pioneer Archive

In 1995 Chris Doering had not yet met Edith, his wife to be, and C.E. Brandcast had not yet come into existance. However, the wheels were already turning. Chris was founder then of Doering Multimedia Marketing and started storyboarding an idea for both the adventure and leisure travel industry.


The project he was dreaming of would become the first interactive deck map for cruise liners along with a travel business system for 12,000 independent travel agents. It was rich in media and, at that time, too heavy to upload to the Internet. The $90,000 production venture was before it's time and so it was decided to scale the contents down to a $60,000 CD-ROM, the travel industry's first CD-ROM travel agent training system with destinations and interactive deck maps of Norwegian Cruisline's entire fleet.

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